Abnormal Me

I have always felt that i was a little “off”, abnormal, weird and like I was in the wrong place. I did not belong.

I have read the first few pages of self-help books, took all the quizzes to “find your personality” or “your dream job”, tried a lot of different diets, started and quit enough jobs to know that there is something more going on than not being able to find my groove.

Why couldn’t I just choose and complete a program in university like everyone was able to do?!

Why was getting out of bed so hard?

Why was falling asleep so hard?

Why do I need hours to get myself to take a shower?

Then once I do have a shower, why can’t I just get dressed and do my hair and makeup?

Why does it take me so long to decide what to eat for breakfast?

Why do I skip lunch most of the time because nothing is interesting enough to make/eat?!

(don’t get me wrong, if someone placed a plate of food in front of me I would eat it!)

Why is my energy level like a rollercoaster?

Why are my emotions also like a rollercoaster?!

Why is speaking in front of a group of people a living hell?

Why is my room like a tornado hit it?

Why is the kitchen a complete disaster whenever I cook?

Why is everything so hard?!

Now I know that I just have ADHD

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