From listening to podcasts, reading all things ADHD and from my own experience it is pretty clear that exercise has a HUGE impact on managing ADHD.

My whole life I have been on team sports; ringuette, soccer and softball. I would not take that back for anything in the world. I love team sports and I truly believe that they have played a large role in forming the person that I am today. The amount of amazing friendships that I have made with genuine, down to earth people is irreplaceable!

That said, I have not developed any sort of self-motivation this way. Going to the gym is hard for me. Going out for a simple, leisurely bike ride is something that I am not able to get myself to do. These are things that I now need and crave. I NEED exercise everyday. My brain needs exercise to function to its full capacity/capability.

How do I make exercise interesting?! I need to find something that I can get myself to do everyday.

I envy my friend/ex. He could get up in the morning, go to the gym or go for a swim and I would still be sleeping by the time that he came back home. At the time I thought he was crazy. What kind of person decides to wake up this early and GO TO THE GYM?! That’s like torture. Now I envy him. How can I get myself to do that? I need to learn to give myself a head start for the day. When I do exercise first thing in the morning I feel like I am taking a huge leap in the right direction. I have given myself a huge advantage. I can now focus super intently on whatever I would like. All of the running thoughts and emotions are silenced. I can take a deep breath and conquer my day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if I can do that everyday?! How do you do it? What tricks do you have to get yourself exercising everyday?

Originally published on 01/02/2018

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