Bath Time!

That’s right, bath time! It isn’t just for kids!

I have been practicing self-care lately and I can’t begin to explain how much baths have been helping me. I spread a little bit of bath salts, some lavender soap (it’s actually shampoo, but whatever), light the candles, turn on the background music on my calm app and VOILA! I have my oasis.

When I first started to take baths I noticed that my hands were balled up in fists and at the bottom of the bath tub. The most amazing thing happened today.. my hands were floating on the top of the water! Whaaaat.. Alyssa was relaxed?! Who knew that could happen!

When I first started taking baths it would make me even more anxious. I didn’t know what to do with my thoughts. Now I stare at the reflection that the candle makes or I pretend that I am in the oasis that my calm app has created. Basically, I just enjoy my bath and make sure that I am anywhere but in my loop of thoughts. It has taken some time, and I mean months! But my floating arms have led me to believe that I have succeeded; I am now relaxed during and, more importantly, after bath time!

Originally published on 25/02/2018

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