Gluten Sensitivity & Anxiety

So lately I have been trying the “natural route” to help with my ADHD. I have done my best to eliminate dairy and gluten from my diet.

What I can’t believe is the reaction that I am having after consuming dairy and gluten! I have the absolute worst anxiety right now. I have forgotten about this “kind” of anxiety. My body is trying to fight or flight the gluten that I have ingested. AS IF that wasn’t enough I also consumed dairy today in the form of a chocolate mousse cake. OMG. My face and shoulders are in so much pain. I am exhausted. So my body is exhausted, in pain and my brain is yelling run! Run! I am going to go for a bike ride to try and calm my brain down but holy hell this isn’t fun at all. Gluten and dairy are sooooo not worth it. I had so much planned for this day and I am forced to hault 🙁

The small comfort from this experience is that I know that eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet is 100% worth it. Next step is to get some sort of sensitivity to dairy and gluten diagnosis and then I can definitively say that I should not be consuming dairy or gluten.

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