I’m breaking up with my phone! – Day One.

I really cannot believe how much my phone rules my life and I cannot stand it!

“What if someone has texted me and I’m not responding”

“What if someone needs me”

“What if I have a new potential client who has sent me a message”

This doesn’t mention the whirlwind of emotions that interrupt what I was doing before I checked my messages, Facebook, e-mail, Instagram, etc.

What does it change if I answer people the moment that they message me? I feel like I go about my day unconsciously jumping from “thing” to “thing” because of my darn phone. I leave a room and re-enter it and have to check my phone… it’s been 30 seconds.

how to break up with your phone.png

I recently took this book out from the library “How to break up with your phone” by Catherine Price. Lets just say that I did not put it down. I am now at “The Breakup” part of the book.

(stay tuned for a post summarizing all the mind exploding facts and research that I have learnt from reading this book! Specifically the facts on attention were particularly interesting to me — hmm.. I bet you can’t guess why. Just kidding, it’s pretty obvious!)

The Break-up 

Day One (Monday) –> Download a Tracking App

The first step in our Technology Triage is to compare the amount of time we think we’re spending on our phones to how much time we’re actually spending on our phones. Start by jotting down your answers to these questions:

  • If you had to guess, how many times a day do you think you pick up your phone?
  • How much time do you estimate that you spend on it per day?

Next, download a time-tracking app that will automatically monitor how often you reach for your phone and how long you spend on it.

Don’t try to change anything about your behaviour; our goal is just to gather data. We’ll touch base about your results in a few days.

-Catherine Price

Here’s my answers:

  • I would say that I pick up my phone 30 times a day.
  • I’m cringing just thinking about how much time I spend on my phone per day. I’m going to say 2 hours and I’m wondering if it’s an underestimation.

Here we go… downloading the Moment tracking app. moment.png

Anyone else want to break up with their phone?!

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