In my opinion this is an extremely important piece to everyone’s well-being and happiness! Self-awareness is the key to getting unstuck and getting out of your own way!

Do you know what you want? Do you know what you need? What are your values? What are your strengths?

Once you figure all of those out.. how do you get what you want? How do you get what you need? How can you make sure that you are aligned with your values? How do you use your strengths to your advantage?

ANNDDDDD… most importantly! How are you speaking to yourself? Are you kind? Do you talk to yourself like you would a loved one or is it like you are talking to your worst enemy?

Do you have a “why me” mentality?

Are you “shoulding” yourself?

Do you bully yourself into getting things done by using the no-no word “need”?
i.e. I “need” to do the dishes today.

I would love the opportunity to help you observe and move forward in each and every one of these areas!

Are you on board? Ready to sail off and cruise down the river of self-awareness?

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