Stop and smell the roses

I was just reading about pausing in my school manual and I was also thinking about pausing while driving this morning. Do you stop and smell the roses?smell the roses (2)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my best friends baby! It was absolutely amazing 🙂 She is 5 days old and as you can imagine the cutest thing! It struck me on my 2 hour drive home that by the next time that I see her she will have changed SO MUCH. It broke my heart that I wasn’t going to be able to watch her as she grows as much as I would like. I realized that I was being negative and this was something out of my control. I came to the conclusion that I should appreciate the time that I do get to spend with her. I was able to hold her in my arms for at least two hours while I watched her make her little baby noises (including the cutest little hiccups you’ll ever hear!) and these adorable little faces while she was sleeping!!

This was emphasized by the reading I just did in my school material: ADHD-ers memories/triumphs “get buried once we complete them because we don’t pause to pay attention to them and celebrate the steps, the energy, the spirit, and everything that went into creating those successful moments”

Now I realize that this isn’t the exact same thing but I have a habit of jumping from one experience to another and not stopping to “smell the roses”.

This blog and my Instagram pages (personal and Missleadingly ADHD) really help me to relish the moments that are meaningful to me. This blog also holds me accountable to chase the moments that I really want in my life. Same thing goes for my planner! It is so easy to let time slip away from you. This is why I have post it notes that I put into my planner that I would like to complete as reminders to myself.
Example: I want to make sure that I don’t wake up one day and think to myself “WOW! I haven’t seen Madison in 4 months. She is so big now”. If I have a post it note in my planner then I can remind myself that it is important to schedule time to visit with Madison once a month. I have already been doing this with friends so Madison’s mom already has her own post it note haha.

Making memories is really so important! Don’t let life and your ADHD get in your way of basking in the light of past experiences and memories!

What GOOD memories do you have that are written in stone in your brain? Do you have butterflies that appear when you think of said memory? I usually do and I love my memory butterflies!

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