The Cave – Why it isn’t a bad place to be!

The Cave seems like a big, dark, scary place. It doesn’t have to be!

I was listening to the ADHD Experts podcast the other day. Stacey Turis was talking about How to Unleash your Teens Superpower. Obviously, this is not something that I can relate to. I am closer to being a teen rather than having one of my own. As with everything else, I listened with an open mind and took from the podcast what I wanted. WELL, I took everything! She is so insightful and even though I can’t directly relate, I can apply the ideas and suggestions that she had to my own life.

Here is my main take home message from the podcast:

There are three “types” of people:


2. Extroverts

3. Combination of introvert and extrovert

Most of us know what introverts and extroverts are. Just in case, I took a couple of definitions from google:

  • Introvert: a shy, reticent person. I also looked up reticent;Reticent: not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily.
    To be honest, this is not exactly what I picture as an introvert. But hey – google is always right! Just kidding. Maybe do your own research to see what an introvert is if you aren’t too sure.
  • Extrovert: an outgoing, overtly expressive person
    Similarly, this isn’t exactly what I picture as an extrovert.

Now, wait for it…Here is the interesting point that Stacey made which kinda blew my mind because it is SO IMPORTANT:

  • Introverts get energy when they are alone.
  • Extroverts get energy when they are in a group of people.

Stacey explained that teens who are introverts or combined, need to isolate themselves and essentially recharge their batteries.

Which “type” of person are you? I would say that I am combined. When I am with certain people, I can pick up on their energy and would include myself in the category of extrovert. That said, I am probably 80% introvert. I LOVE being alone and I crave it. I definitely need to recharge my batteries and The Cave is how I do it. Why do I need to recharge my batteries? I literally feel as though my energy has been sucked out of me and I need to isolate myself from all stimuli; I escape to my room and unwind. I think that it is important to mention that there is a reason why the cave is dark! It is so necessary for me to be in the dark (candles are my go-to to avoid complete darkness) when I am recharging. Lights, especially lights that you would find at a mall or most offices, literally suck my energy. As do some people. It’s literally like some people have a vacuum and they walk around drawing energy from those around them. Are you familiar with Harry Potter? It is as if these people are Dementors and instead of taking your soul, they take your energy. You can almost see a trail of exhausted people in their wake. Some people are the opposite, I can receive positive energy from others, and these are the kind of people that I love to associate with!

All this to say, EMBRACE the Cave!

Originally published on 17/02/2018

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