What is coaching?

The coaching relationship is a journey that the coach and client go on together — structured sessions where the client dictates the destination! In coaching there is something called a “coaching agreement”. This means that we will get specific about what you want to work on during the session, find out why it’s important to you and what reaching that goal will do for you.

There are times where I will find it helpful to share with you some ADHD knowledge (example: some of my clients have RSD). This can be super important to understanding yourself and your unique brain wiring.

What are your options for coaching?

  1. Individual sessions (click here for more details)
  2. Group coaching (click here for more details)

My role as your coach

I create a safe and supportive environment so that you can explore, grow and move yourself forward.

I know that you, as my client, are creative and resourceful. I am here to help you to learn about yourself, what you value and bring to the surface who you already are.

Let’s achieve it together!

  • Discover how great you really are
  • Uncover your true inner being
  • Learn about your unique brain wiring
  • Gain a sense of partnership and camaraderie (you are not alone!)
  • Find the positive pieces to ADHD
  • Get inspired to go after what you really want
  • Learn the tools, tips and tricks to manage your ADHD
  • Feel better about yourself using positive self-talk & mindfulness
  • Understand and embrace your ADHD!

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a therapist and a coach?
A coach is interested in the “what”, “how” and “who” questions which focus on the present and future.

A therapist is interested in the “why” which focuses on the past.

How can someone help me if I can’t even help myself?

Sometimes you don’t know how to help yourself; a coach can help you get on the right track. A coach can also guide you (through reflection, questioning, etc.) to see things from a different perspective. We will figure out and equip you with the tools, strategies and techniques you need.


Group coaching (click me):

$80 USD/month. 1 month commitment

Individual sessions (click me):

$125/session. 3 sessions commitment required.