When things are going really well and it’s terrifying

too wellDo you know what I’m talking about?? I get super excited over the little things and equally devastated when the little things don’t work out. Well, lately there has been lots of excitement and tons of little things adding up to big things!! I am now so terrified that something is going to go wrong because how can everything be so good?!

What’s the excitement about?

  1. I GOT A JOB!
    I have been holding out for months to find the perfect job for me. I know how ridiculous and unrealistic this seems. I am super fortunate that I live with my parents and they pay for my lodging and food. Yes, I am spoiled. This has been so incredible though. I have given myself the permission to find a job that speaks to me and makes me jump up and down with joy! And guess what…the wait paid off because I found something fantastic!
    What’s the job?! I am working as a personal assistant at a learning centre. No, this isn’t a place where students are being tutored. It’s SO MUCH BETTER! The learning centre gives students the knowledge to learn by themselves, the ability to make their own study schedules and actually study! The learning centre also holds their students accountable which in my opinion, is a HUGE plus! I wish I was a part of something like the learning centre when I was growing up!
    I have only worked 3 shifts so there is still time for shit to hit the fan but I am quite confident that it won’t! The vibes that I get from my boss are so genuine and the business that she has created fits exactly with all of my core values.
  2. I start school tomorrow
    In true ADHD fashion I registered for school to become an ADHD coach at ADDCA the day before the program starts. Regardless of when I registered I have done the first step to become an ADHD coach! I am so unbelievably thrilled to start this new journey. A huge reason why working at the learning centre is really awesome is because hopefully once I am a certified coach I will be able to have my own students at the learning centre and coach them! This is all “ifs” and “maybes” but it is still exciting to think about!
  3. Support Group
    The ADHD support group that I started back at the end of January is starting to really get on its feet. We have “regulars” which I have honestly started to become attached to. Whenever someone doesn’t show up I wonder why and how they are doing. We are getting memorable speakers, who are experts at what they do and are very knowledgeable when it comes to ADHD. We also have fun sessions where we have a set topic and let it run in whichever direction it ends up going. I really love this support group and it has made such a big impact in my life to know that there are others who are going through the same things.
  4. Friends & Family
    I have really made the effort to reconnect with all of my friends and family that I was close with and lost touch. Unfortunately, I literally have to schedule this time “call so and so” in my planner but that is okay because this is my process and how I know that anyone who is meaningful to me will not slip through the cracks of my ADHD brain!
    Spending time with my friends and family is so incredibly important and I lost touch with that for a period of my life. I was super bitter and had the mentality of “if they don’t make the effort to see me then they don’t really want to”. Well, guess what sour puss, it takes two to tango! Not literally, but you get what I mean! Now my life is so full and it is really great to know that I am surrounded by great people.
  5. Me doing an interview! 
    Last but not least, I had such a great conversation this afternoon! I was browsing through Instagram like I normally do when I saw a new message in my inbox. Long story short, I connected with an amazing woman (Cassandra) who is hosting an Online Summit! The summit has the best name “Heal Your Sh+t, Shift Your Life”. Turns out she reached out to me because she loves what I’m doing with Missleadingly ADHD and how I am pouring my heart out into these blog posts! She was looking for someone to speak about their personal experience with ADHD. So guess who will be doing an interview and talking about my adventure with ADHD?! Yours truly! I am still in denial and I feel like who would choose me to be interviewed?! But hey, this is happening and it’s friggen awesome! If one person can relate to my experience and feel better about themselves, I am a happy camper!So pretty please head over to the website and register for the summit. If ADHD isn’t your thing, there will be many others who are speaking on the summit. Here is what they will be speaking about:
    Healing and Shift Topics:

    Anxiety & Trauma
    Business Productivity
    Spirituality & Metaphysical Aspects
    Physical & Emotional Ties
    Money Blocks

    …and so much more!

    I didn’t tell you the best part… It’s FREE!! Here is a video for those of you that are visual like me!

I hope you take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to connect and hear from all these different speakers! Who knows which one will resonate the most with you!

Back to the terrifying realization that things may be going to well…I was txting my sister before and I told her exactly this:

I’m in such a good mood and everything is going to good for me right now that I’m like freaking out cause its too good to be true lmao

For some reason I need reassurance that I’m not in Alyssa Land and everything is allowed to be going this well. To be honest I think I need to convince myself that I am worthy of all of these great things that are happening in my life.  I would love your insight on this!! Do you get that feeling that absolute doom is waiting for you right around the corner? Because things can’t possibly be going as well as they are? Let me know your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “When things are going really well and it’s terrifying

  1. Wow, Girl!! First … 🎉Congratulations on so much awesomeness!! Second, I get exactly how you feel. I know what you mean, when things seem to be going “too good to be true” … and that surely any minute Murphy’s Law will butt in … and poof, there went that. But, my goodness. That can’t possibly happen here. Too much good stuff is going on. The odds are against all of this vaporizing. So happy about the perfect fit job, the awesome interview opp, the growing support group … and holy cow … I’m tickled you’re going to work toward becoming an ADHD coach! That’s so awesome. So, so, so happy for you!!

  2. Excellent post. Much of what you say is similar to my life at the moment. Especially the bit about friends not contacting you etc. It’s hard to examine our own behaviour, but when we do, we kinda see that we, ourselves, are partly to blame for things. Freaking well done on ADHD support group thing. I wish I could do that, but they are already well and truly up and running in my area. And, lastly, well done on the job again. I hope it goes brilliantly for you 🙂

    1. Thank you! 💕 for the friends bit it’s really difficult! Especially with our busy lives! Our busy schedules can be reality or an excuse, it’s hard to know!

      When we were chatting I could feel like you were also at a super great time with learning and heading in the right direction 🙂 good luck with everything! Can’t wait to hear how it is all going for you!

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