Why being part of an ADHD support group is so AWESOME!

Wooohooo! As of today, January 25th 2019, it has officially been one year since our first in-person adult ADHD support group meeting. How did it all start? Let me give you a bit of a back story…

Why I wanted to start a support group

In October of 2017 I came across a video “Failing at Normal” by Jessica McCabe. I immediately saw myself in her and got myself diagnosed with ADHD. After my diagnosis I still felt like something was missing; I felt alone. Great, I have an explanation but I still feel like nobody “gets me” (and to be honest, I didn’t “get” myself). I figured out that I needed other people so I searched for an ADHD support group in Montreal. To my disappointment, my search came up empty! I decided to take matters into my own hands and start my own group! Luckily, my therapist pointed me in the direction of her friend, Nathalie Pedicelli, who wanted to do the same!

What value I get from the support group

  1. Friends – I met one of my best friends at support group!

  2. Knowledge – Our particular support group brings in experts so that our members can get the knowledge that they deserve. Our doctors and psychologist/psychiatrists have no or a limited amount of time to inform us on ADHD so it’s important to get informed somehow.

  3. Someone to turn to – When you are having a bad day and you need someone who understands, you now have some options of people you can contact! The worst is when you try to share how you are feeling and the person on the other end says something like “you’ll be okay” or “try harder”. When you turn to someone who has ADHD they get it; you have a judgment-free zone to share how you are feeling!

  4. Tips & tricks  Our support group promotes and welcomes sharing! We love when our members share their input because they have often gone through the same thing and may or may not have found themselves a solution! There’s always another option and it’s nice to hear different ideas from people who get it.

  5. Awareness – One of the members of our support group shared “It makes me more aware of where exactly my ADHD impacts my life (fucking everywhere lol) and gives me a more structured approach to getting better.”

  6. A community (being a part of something) – yes, this sounds cheesy!! But it is so nice to be a part of a community of people that are trying to better and help themselves. On some days, just knowing that I am not alone and there’s someone else going through the same thing as me is all the motivation that I need!

  7. Feeling understood – I’m not sure that there is any greater feeling than being heard and understood! It is so powerful to share a story and most of the room has gone through the same thing as you.

  8. Action – One member shared “Even the action of going to group makes me work on personal issues like getting out of the house, looking presentable (self care), meeting new people and making like-minded friends, learning how to communicate in a safe environment (instead of my usual clam up), slowly working on my anxiety, etc.”

  9. Growth for relationships – We have at least five couples that come to our meetings. It has been said that our support group brings them closer because they are able to understand each other better.

How can you be a part of a support group?

You can look for one in your community or start one on your own! Need some help? Send me a message!

In-person support group doesn’t float your boat?

Nothing beats the energy of being in a room full of fellow ADHD-ers who are nodding along in understanding to your experiences and gasping at your amazing tips and tricks! But hey – we are in the age of technology so why not put it to good use!

Coming in March 2019 I will be launching Coach Alyssa Shaw Online Coaching Groups! This will be a monthly or weekly charge depending on what floats your boat! Classically, you will save by opting in on the monthly subscription.

Interested? Sign up now and decide (pay) later! I will be e-mailing you the details as they come!

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