Why do we take something simple and make it more complicated?

Sound familiar? It definitely does for me!! I even wrote a blog post about my experience, “Is giving 100% always a good thing for ADHD-ers?” I didn’t realize that there was some  insight that I had been missing.

As you may already know from reading my blog posts, I have been listening to the telesummit “Succeed With ADHD”. The other day Linda Roggli was talking about  “Your (Overly) Complicated Life: An ADHD Love/Hate Story”

This is all that I took from her talk:

The complicated journey is more fun!!
Example: Little Billy is going to the store. He could walk along the street but he chooses to jump over the fence, cut through the yard. Isn’t that way more fun?!

Complicate our own lives (1)

Why do I need to make a major production?

–> Your ADHD brain likes it!

The major production entertains your brain by:

  1. Problem solving (call me in a crisis!)
  2. Engaged
    We want to be engaged. We are unknowingly trying to come up with a way to make the task more complicated to make it more interesting!

Ask yourself:

“What’s the goal?”

And think about this: We are used to things being complicated, we are used to having to jump through hoops.

When is it a problem to complicate our lives?

  1. Time
    Make sure that we have enough time to complicate the task before we complicate it.
  2. Leads to obsessive thinking
  3. Perfectionism
  4. Looks like procrastination

The good:

  1. We can dig into projects very deeply
  2. We see that it may not just be 5×5=25
  3. Broadens knowledge base
  4. We often come up with better solutions and see ideas that others don’t see.
    • NEW, bright and shiny! (More knowledge)
  5. Our brains make lots of connections.
    I better slow down so I don’t get a ticket = OMG! I didn’t pay my parking ticket.

To keep in mind:

  1. There needs to be a point where we stop and say enough is enough.
  2. Complexifying (Linda made up this word and I LOVE it!) your life can pull you away from things that are more important.
    –> A form of procrastination.
  3. A sign that you might be “in too deep”
    • If you dig in your heels and are snappy it might be a sign that this is too complex.
  4. It is very important that you make yourself aware that you are complicating things for yourself.
    • Is it worth it to make this situation or task more complicated for yourself?
    • Should this be a time where you take the shortcut?
    • Mind your mind. (I totally picture a British lady saying “mind your mind” rather than “mind the gap”). This is just a short and fun way to remember to be aware!

Can you think of ways that you may overcomplicate your life? And more importantly, is it worth it?!

Don’t forget, mind your mind!



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