You are exaggerating or overreacting

I cannot begin to count the amount of times that I have heard one of these two lines:

“Alyssa, you are overreacting”

“Alyssa, stop exaggerating”

Sometimes yes, I am overreacting. OMG LOOK AT THE RABIT IN THE BACKYARD.

However, sometimes when I am hopping on one foot because I stubbed my toe going “ow, ow, ow” and I am told that I am overreacting it straight up hurts my feelings. No. I am not overreacting. This really hurts. And it would be nice if you would take it seriously instead of looking at me like k, you done?

The biggest problem with people telling me that I am overreacting is that I do not take myself seriously anymore. I do not know if I should believe myself when I have physically hurt myself. Is it really as bad as it seems? I really need to learn to trust myself again. How do I do that when I can’t even tell if I’m overreacting?!

Such a good example is when I had to get my appendix removed. I should probably mention that I get vicious migraines so I have a decent tolerance for pain. That said, I was sitting at work and the lower right of my stomach was starting to hurt. I thought thats weird, I shouldn’t be getting my period yet, maybe i ate something weird. The pain continued and started to get worse. Maybe my pants are too tight? As per normal I started to think the worst. Is that where my ovary is? Where is your appendix? I started to look it up and ask my friends. We even looked at a picture on Instagram to see where a girls scar was after she had her appendix surgery. We weren’t sure it was in the right place. I was starting to feel even worse. I was feeling nauseous and the pain was increasing. I was becoming more and more agitated and unable to concentrate at work so I went home to my apartment. When I got to my apartment I started to completely freak out. I called my mom and asked her to make the 45min drive in traffic to my apartment because I could not be alone. What if I passed out when I was alone? The pain was less than a migraine but I still had no idea what was going on. I also called my friend who lived close by because I thought he would get to my place faster. I was pacing my apartment feeling worse and worse, I really needed someone to calm me down. They both arrived at the same time and we ended up going to the hospital. Long story short I ended up getting my appendix removed. The moral of the story is that I need to listen to myself!! Only I know how much pain I am in. I really need to take myself more seriously and learn to tune out other peoples comments when they tell me I am overreacting.

I really need to learn how to understand how I am really feeling and differentiate that from the exaggerated or overreacting version. I have a hunch, not completely sure yet, that ADHD is responsible for the overeaction and exaggeration. Still much research and learning to be done on that so that I can understand and conquer! Any advice out there?

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