Hey all of you wonderful people!

I just wanted to write a quick blog post to explain what is going on and honestly, so that I can let out this bottled up frustration.

As you may or may not already know, I have been doing a gluten free and dairy free diet. I decided to start the diet because I was experiencing auras (black spots in my vision, numbness in my face & hands), stomach issues (bloating) that I will not go into too much detail about and stiffness in my hands and feet.

The gluten free and dairy free diet were working amazingly well, however I would still get bloating and am now back to feeling all the above feelings stomachthat had led me to start the GF & DF diet in the first place. ENTER FRUSTRATION!! There is something on top of gluten and dairy that I am unable to eat!

Now I’m wondering if it’s something more like IBS or Crohn’s. I will be starting the low FODMAP diet as suggested by my doctor (SO MANY LIMITATIONS). I’m also going to request a referral to see an endocrinologist so that I can get some tests done and have an answer once and for all. All these diets are taking so much of my energy and money and I am seriously fed up!!

The thing that really gets me about all this is that it is taking over my life. I had to leave work early on Saturday, couldn’t work on Sunday and now feel like I have to reschedule my clients for today because I feel like so much of my attention is distracted by the discomfort that I am feeling. I also had to bail on several of my friends. I really hate being this way. I have so many plans and ideas and they are all on hold because of this. I cannot wait until I have a diagnosis or an explanation and I feel better!!

Thanks for listening to me vent! Enjoy your day and more importantly, enjoy your healthy digestive systems! Next time you eat a piece of cheese or bread, think of me and savour it 😉 <3