“Having someone who understands well the problem I struggle brings me peace for being well understood. Every meeting new tools are given to solve different difficulties and that has helped me daily. Whenever I feel the tip is not going to work for me, she is ready to give another. The work that Alyssa has been doing with me its life changer, she is a very skilled and resourceful professional. I wish I would have this support before.”

Victor Fortes, Montreal

able to relate to someone else that has ADHD

Christina Belfiore, Michigan

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I‚Äôm not sure if you‚Äôve heard from my @coachalyssashaw instagram, but I’ve been exploring Human Design. Specifically, Human Design for Business (shoutout to Phoebe Kuhn!).¬† [Here are a few paragraphs about what I‚Äôve been learning about on my Human Design journey. Feel free to skip it if Human Design doesn‚Äôt speak to you!] Through this … Continue reading Control

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