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Thanks for being here! My goal is to spread awareness and end the stigma surrounding ADHD.

I plan on doing this by empowering ADHD-ers with knowledge, creating a safe place for all of us and, most of all, to know that we are not alone!

Are you looking for someone to work with you to understand and manage your ADHD? You’ve come to the right place! Head on over to my coaching page!

“Having someone who understands well the problem I struggle brings me peace for being well understood. Every meeting new tools are given to solve different difficulties and that has helped me daily. Whenever I feel the tip is not going to work for me, she is ready to give another. The work that Alyssa has been doing with me its life changer, she is a very skilled and resourceful professional. I wish I would have this support before.”

Victor Fortes, Montreal

“Really loving having an ADHD coach!
She’s so helpful and it’s really refreshing being
able to relate to someone else that has ADHD
and understands the way my brain works!”

Christina Belfiore, Michigan

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