I’ll put my pieces back together

I'm going to give you a heads up - this post is one of my most personal ones to date. This one is right from the pages of my journal so here goes... Yesterday something really interesting happened while I was meditating at my boyfriends place. I found that I totally allowed myself to become … Continue reading I’ll put my pieces back together

Desire smuggling; RSD’s cousin!

I have talked about RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria) a few times now! Just in case you missed my blog posts (How To Explain Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria & Why rejection sensitivity dysphoria makes relationships so hard) here is a quick definition: RSD is when you feel both physical and emotional pain because you experience real or perceived rejection. Now … Continue reading Desire smuggling; RSD’s cousin!

Procrastivity and what it means for us with ADHD

Procrastivity! It's the idea that we procrastinate by doing something else that is productive, like tasks around the house. Example: doing laundry when the high priority is writing your paper due tomorrow. I first heard this term while listening to the talk from J. Russell Ramsay in the ADHD Women's Palooza. Here are some of … Continue reading Procrastivity and what it means for us with ADHD