Let me start this post off by saying I have not been officially diagnosed with Dyscalculia. I took a quiz on additudemag and I scored 93%. For me, this is enough to dive in and learn about dyscalculia and how I can help myself knowing that I most likely have it.

So what is dyscalculia? It reminds me of Dracula. They are not the same thing! I do however picture a dracula hovering over my thoughts when i am trying to calculate something simple like 26×4 in my head. (For the record, I am unable to and it is extremely embarrassing. But! Give me a paper and I can tell you the answer in .2 seconds).

I am really not satisfied with the information and solutions that I am finding online for adults with dyscalculia. I am going to continue my research and finish this post at another date.

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