Track your time

This sounds a little bit silly but it is so true; Track your time!

What do you spend your time doing? Do you know?

I dare you to try being mindful of how you are spending your time. Try it for a day or two. I have been doing it and it has been super helpful! I found out how much time I spend in front of my computer and on my phone; too much! I don’t get anything rewarding out of going and checking Instagram or refreshing Facebook. Once to twice a day on social media is more than enough!

How am I staying off social media? Honestly, I am not. It is super hard for me to open my phone and not automatically go to Facebook or Instagram once I have responded to the txt or answered the Facebook message. Our phones are very distracting, especially for us ADHD minds!

My solutions that I have implemented and will try to implement:

  1. Schedule time for social media (use your daily planner to stay on track). Maybe checking social media can be your “dopamine hit”, or your reward after doing a not-so-fun task. Are you just checking social media because you are bored? I do this and have grown to realize that I need to let myself be bored; how else am I going to come up with fun ideas or “smell the roses”. Check out the look up video.
  2. Delete notifications for Instagram and Facebook. This was hard for me to do at first. I thought that someone might need to contact me or that I would miss something. FOMO. Guess what?! I haven’t missed anything and I am better for it. I do not need the extract distractions of Facebook and Instagram notifications. Also, if someone needs to contact me they can do so on Facebook messenger AND call or txt. I have also come to realize that I do not need to be available to everyone whenever they need.
    Funny side note: Sometimes I’ll post something on Instagram and forget. When I happen to open Instagram again and see the notifications, my first thought is “someone has been stalking me! Why do I have so many notifications all of a sudden!” Then I realize that nobody is stalking me, I was actually getting some love for a picture I had posted. Oops lol.
  3. I will change the position of where my Instagram and Facebook apps are on my phone. This way if I am automatically going to social media apps when I am not noticing, then I won’t actually click on them because they wont be there! I once created a new page on my phone at the back so I would have to swipe several times before I could reach them. Just this teeny tiny thing annoyed me and prevented me from checking!
  4. I avoid looking at my phone when I first wake up in the morning. Check out my blog post “Habits” to learn how I do it!

Let me know what time traps you fall into! Maybe I do the same things without even realizing!


Originally published on 04/02/2018

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