From a young age I experienced migraines. This forced me to learn that too much sun, not eating properly, not enough sleep, stress and crying could set off a migraine.

Migraines caused my young self to be aware of the little things that can set off a migraine and until recently I honestly have a pretty great handle on them. What changed? I really can’t say. My assumption is that I have an allergy to dairy and/or gluten. In the mornings I would get an aura after having my morning tea and peanut butter on toast. I was aghast because I was following “the rules” and I was getting migraines. WHY?! This is what got my anxiety rolling. So much ruminating and trial and error came from these migraines. I had to fix it; prevent myself from this daily suffering.

Because I am in “fix it mode” I have such an unhealthy relationship with my anxiety right now. I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE with my anxiety and auras that I will do anything to prevent them. Which my assumption is, actually increases the anxiety. Everything I put in my mouth (eat) makes me anxious because I have no idea what will come from it “will i need to be close to a bathroom”? “Will I get an aura/migraine and have to go to bed”? Bleh. These thoughts overwhelm me

How do I get myself out of this loop?! I need to change my thought patterns.

walking on eggshellsI don’t even know what to think to be able to change my thought patters. I feel really stuck. HELP!

Right now I’m scared that since I have been awake since 4AM on only 5 hours of sleep that I will get a headache during the middle of the day or worse, be unable to control my emotions. I also worry that I won’t have time for a nap or that the nap will make me feel even worse. All this thinking is overwhelming me!

The truth is that I have no idea what will happen – I can only assume based on past experiences. I would really like to stop assuming and “just be”. Another thing: I need much better falling asleep habits. I was doing so well with using my calm app and meditating before going to sleep. That flew out the window and i need to get back into it! Now it’s like I have too many thoughts and ideas before I even can consider meditating 🙁

I’m in a little bit of a tough spot with my anxiety at the moment; I really feel like I am walking on eggshells all day long! I would love any ideas or helpful tips! Thanks <3